1. Medical Examination

    The patient is referred to the Consultant Physician for the Society at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kota Kinabalu. The Physician will examine and investigate the patient and then decide whether further treatment or surgery overseas is required.

  2. Financial Assessment

    On recommendation for surgery, the case is then referred for financial assessment by a Social Worker at the Coronary Care Unit, Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

  3. Consideration of Applications

    A report which includes the patient full personal particulars, financial assessment and medical condition is forwarded to the SOS Committee for consideration.

  4. Allowance for Escorts of Patients

    Escorts of patients(mainly children up to the age of 12) assessed to be in need, may be considered for accommodation and food allowance.

  5. Transfer of Approved Cases
    Cases approved for Sponsorship are transferred to the respective hospitals for Surgery.
    Travel arrangement will be done by the Society’s Social Worker:

    • Preparation of travel documents
    • Booking of tickets
    • Accommodation arrangements
    • Notification of receiving hospitals
    • Preparation of necessary letters and documents
    • Advice to patients and relatives with regards to:
      • Travel
      • Food and Accommodation
      • Foreign Currency
      • Necessary measures in cases of emergency