Mohd Nazri Otto

Mudna and Mohd Nazri.

Mudna and Mohd Nazri.

Mudna Maulana, 33, who is accompanying her son, Mohd Nazri Otto, said that they travelled over 10 hours by bus to get to the city two days earlier.

“We are from Kg Lok Malalum at Pulau Bum-Bum which is five minutes boat ride away from Semporna,” she said.

“My son was diagnosed with hole in the heart when he was smaller. He was often sickly at that time.”

She added that Mohd Nazri’s nails would sometimes become blue, especially during cold weather.

She was grateful that her son was selected to undergo the trip, and expressed that she experienced a mixture of happy, sad and scared feelings.

“But I asked around from other people whose children and they gave positive reviews. That calmed me a bit and I am hoping for the best,” she said.

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